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Nanjing Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant situated within the Boss Hotel vicinity. It offers an array of Chinese food menu mainly themed under the Huai Yang and Cantonese cuisines. The dishes are prepared genuinely to suit the taste of Ethnic Chinese who enjoy these authentic Chinese cuisines.

Besides serving a la carte menu to meet your specific dining preference, Nanjing Restaurant also offers meal sets for group dinning which include many of their specialty dishes such as Nanjing-style salted duck, Shanghainese-styled soup with pork and fresh winter bamboo shoots, Braised meatball, Mala spicy bean curd sheet, Kungfu-style squirrel fish, Szechuan-style crispy chicken, Salted egg prawn, Stir-fried green soy beans with snow vegetables, Millet sea cucumber, Stir-fried malabar spinach etc.

To cater for those who love to have an authentic Chinese meal but have limited time for lunch, a variety of set lunches are also offered during lunch hours.

Nanjing Restaurant has an elegant and stylish decoration and pursues to provide an ideal venue for quality dining. Luxuriously decorated VIP rooms catered for your fine dining in privacy are also available for reservation. Come and experience a quality dinning atmosphere while you enjoy the delicious authentic Huai Yang cuisine with your friends, family members, business partners, or guests at the Nanjing Restaurant.